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In a world of 71% water, a child will be 100% curious about exploring it. Teaching your child to swim, including water safety and emergency responses, can make their curious exploration much safer. Watermelon Swim caters to all skill levels – from nervous beginners to those with prior experience, both positive and negative. Help your swimmer grow confidence in the water with lessons at Watermelon Swim.

Why swimming?

The benefits of learning to swim go beyond safety and fun. According to a Griffith University Study, children who took swim lessons before the age of 5 were more advanced intellectually, physically, and socially than their peers.

Not to mention, swimming is excellent exercise! Continuous lessons help strengthen your child’s muscles and develop a more robust heart and lungs. At Watermelon Swim, we teach swimming, safety, and survival from birth through adulthood.

Why choose our swimming
lessons in South Tampa

Watermelon Swim is a local, family-owned swim school emphasizing growing water-safer children and communities. Our mission is to grow a community full of safer swimmers and reduce the risks while increasing confidence in and around the water.

All Watermelon Swim classes are held indoors, in our private swim facility – we don’t rent space at a gym.

Watermelon Swim instructors are trained and certified in CPR, first aid, lifeguarding, and water safety instruction. Our instructors’ training emphasizes focusing on the individual swimmer and educating each student about swim emergency response, accident prevention, and general swimming pool safety.

At Watermelon Swim, we want the water safety skills and swimming techniques we teach to your children to become second nature. Repetition and consistency will give them lifesaving reflexes that can be immediately utilized in an aquatic emergency.

We aren’t just focused on safety – we’re focused on fun, too! All our instructors are child and parent-approved. Those instructing our littlest swimmers (Parent Tots 1 & 2) have additional in-house Watermelon Swim training. In addition, our swim instructors and support staff have access to continuing educational resources through the United States Swim School Association. Our classes for students with disabilities are taught by specially-trained instructors who must attend continuous training each year.

Each instructor is carefully selected through a rigorous screening process and background check and must have completed at least 100 hours of training (both in and out of the water). We also value keeping our skills sharp, and each instructor attends at least 6 continuous training workshops in the first year and 2 every year after.

Keep swimming,
keep growing

Program Overview

Watermelon Swim classes keep a low student-to-teacher ratio so that we can focus on safety and individualized attention for each student. Each class is designed to build on the skills and safety practices taught in the one before so swim students have solid knowledge and abilities to progress safely.

We offer classes year-round, focusing on our parent and child programs through our learn to swim levels 1-6. Once your child completes level 6, we will happily help you enroll in advanced classes at our other Watermelon Swim facilities.

Swimming Lessons in South Tampa

The Basics

Most students start in level 1. If a student has prior swim experience, we will ask questions at the time of registration to determine the appropriate level for each child. Every swim program is a little different, so we need to determine what skills they have already mastered before placing them in a class. It is always best to set a child up for success and comfort in a new environment! Once we have placed a child in a class, our Instructors, Deck Supervisors, and Managers will continue to watch your child’s progress to ensure they are being appropriately challenged.

Children learn at different rates, and the expectation for one may differ from that of another swimmer the same age.

Our goal is to encourage consistency, safety, comfort, and mastery of each skill taught so all swimmers experience success.

Meet Team Melon! Our talented swim instructors have received specialized training in water safety and the techniques necessary to help each swimmer reach their potential. Training requirements include:

  • 100 hours of training (both in and out of the water)
  • CPR
  • First aid
  • Water safety instruction
  • Lifeguarding
  • At least 3 continuing educational courses each year

Watermelon Swim’s swim classes in South Tampa are conveniently located near S. Dale Mabry Highway and Henderson Boulevard.

The indoor facility is also safer for babies whose tender skin may be too sensitive for extended sunlight exposure. We feature:

  • State-of-the-art pool equipment
  • Dehumidification system
  • Glass filtration
  • UV disinfection kills 99.99% of bacteria, such as giardia and cryptosporidium
  • Heated air, 90-degree water
  • Chlorine with 24-hour chemical monitoring

At Watermelon Swim, it’s always a safer and cleaner swim session! There’s plenty of room for the family to watch the lessons in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment. We take your health and safety seriously and carefully test our water and facilities to ensure the safety of all.

Are you ready to teach your child a lifetime love of swimming? Or maybe you’re ready to learn to swim as an adult! Whatever your age and ability, we have a class for you. You can complete our online enrollment form here or call us at (813) 229-7946 for a facility tour

We offer monthly subscription payments with a discount for multiple swimmers in the family and discounts for swimming multiple days a week.

There is also an annual family membership fee. You can evaluate the plans and pricing on our Swim Classes page.

We are located at 3703 W. McKay Ave., Tampa, FL 33609.

You can get here by taking the W. Kennedy Blvd. exit from I-275, turning right on S. Dale Mabry Hwy, or taking Henderson Blvd. south. We’re conveniently located at the corner of W. McKay and Sterling Ave.

Our mission is to grow a community full of safer swimmers and reduce the risks while increasing confidence in and around the water.

We also offer a FREE Water Safety Education presentation to parents, community, and classroom groups, per the Sunshine State Standards for Water Safety Education.

Would you like a member of Team Melon to come to your school, daycare, or after-school program for a water safety presentation? Use our convenient form here and we’ll be in touch quickly. Our educational video is ideal for younger elementary school students, preschoolers, or daycare or after-school care programs.

Are you ready to start a lifetime of love with the water? Book your Watermelon Swim swim lessons in South Tampa today! Call our location at (813) 229-7946 for a tour or more information.

Are you ready to start a lifetime
of love with the water?

Book your Watermelon Swim swimming lessons in South Tampa today!

Or call our location at (813) 229-7946
for a tour or more information.