Learn to Swim

18 months and up

grow with friends

Our Learn to Swim group classes are 30 minutes with a 4:1 ratio. Our students are placed into group lessons according to swimming ability and age to ensure all students in a group are within the same developmental range. The small class size creates a structured, positive, and caring learning environment for your child. Statistics show that children learn best through fun!

Your child is a Level 1 if he/she:

  • Is nervous in or around the water
  • Has never been in a swimming class
  • Is not comfortable being submerged in the water
  • Is dependent on assistance in the water
  • Is not used to being in a pool without any type of flotation device (floaties, life jacket, ring, noodle, etc)
  • Is unsure of the class environment or has limited experience with teacher/student interaction
Your child is a Level 2 if he/she:

  • Is comfortable in the water without flotation devices (floaties, life jacket, ring, noodle, etc.)
  • Will submerge his/her face in the water independently without goggles
  • Kicks independently in the water
  • Is comfortable laying on his/her back in the water
  • Will jump into the water with assistance
  • Is comfortable in a class environment (waits his/her turn, listens to direction, understands teacher’s authority)
Your child is a Level 3 if he/she:

  • Comes off the wall in a horizontal position
  • Swims with correct kicks for 5 ft. independently
  • Kicks with a kickboard for 10 ft. independently
  • Swim-float-swims with assistance
  • Turns around and get the wall independently
    • When the instructor drops me in
    • After swimming around an object
    • While falling in backwards
  • Jumps in to the water independently
Your child is a Level 4 if he/she:

  • Kicks with streamline in the correct position for 15 ft.
  • Exhales bubbles while swimming
  • Swim-float-swims independently
  • Back glides off the wall independently
  • Kicks on my back with correct position for 10 ft. independently
  • Jumps out, rolls to a back float, and kicks on my back to the wall
  • Swims elementary backstroke with assistance
  • Surfaces dive with assistance

Your child is a Level 5 if he/she:

  • Kicks with beginner side breathing for 10 ft.
  • Swims beginner freestyle for 10 ft.
  • Kicks on my back in a streamline position for 15 ft.
  • Swims elementary backstroke independently
  • Treads water for 30 sec.
  • Floats in jellyfish and starfish positions independently
  • Surface dive independently
  • Completes a front somersault with assistance

Your child is a Level 6 if he/she:

  • Kicks in streamline with side breathing for 10 yds.
  • Swims freestyle with side breathing for 10 yds.
  • Swims beginner backstroke for 10 yds.
  • Treads water for 1 min.
  • Swims underwater for 10 yds.
  • Survival floats for 1 min.
  • Completes a front somersault independently