Parent Tot 1 & 2

6 months – 2 years

Your child’s introduction to the water

Parent Tot classes, for children 6 months – 2 years, are structured to create a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere to foster your child’s introduction to the water. Parent Tot classes teach swimming, safety and survival in 2 levels.

Parent Tot 1 focuses on gaining comfort with submersion and learning the basics of balance, buoyancy, and breath control. Parent Tot 2 furthers these skills while encouraging independence and confidence. Early and continuous swim lessons are key to keeping your children safer around water all year long. Our innovative and creative teaching methods will make learning fun for you and your child. Parent Tot 1 and Parent Tot 2 are 30 minute, group classes, with a ratio of 6 parent/child pairs to each instructor.

parent tot 1

  • Comfortable in the class
  • Agreeable to submersion
  • Consistent with breath control
  • Relaxed while drafting
  • Drafting to the platform and dropping my hips
  • Comfortable when doing back dips
  • Waiting my turn on the wall
  • Turning around and getting the wall with assistance

parent tot 2

  • Coming off the wall independently
  • Kicking independently
  • Relaxed during Deep Dolphins
  • Swimming to the platform, dropping my hips to stand up, and holding on to the platform
  • Relaxed with Dolphin Rollovers Hanging onto the wall independently
  • Monkey Walking with assistance