Age 7 and up

7 years & up

level up your swim skills

Our 7 & Up class was designed for children 7 years and older who are working on their beginner swim skills. These lessons cover the lifesaving skills in Levels 1-4, teaching water safety and survival while fostering a genuine love for swimming.

All skills listed below MUST be completed without the use of flotation devices.

Your child is a Level 1 if he/she:

  • Is nervous in or around the water
  • Has never been in a swimming class
  • Is not comfortable being submerged in the water
  • Is dependent on assistance in the water
  • Is not used to being in a pool without any type of floatation device (floaties, life jacket, ring, noodle, etc)
  • Is unsure of the class environment or has limited experience with teacher/student interaction
Your child is a Level 2 if he/she:

  • Is comfortable in the water without flotation devices (floaties, life jacket, ring, noodle, etc.)
  • Will submerge his/her face in the water independently without goggles
  • Kicks independently in the water
  • Is comfortable laying on his/her back in the water
  • Will jump into the water with assistance
  • Is comfortable in a class environment (waits his/her turn, listens to direction, understands teacher’s authority)
Your child is a Level 3 if he/she:

  • Is comfortable submerging his/herself in the water
  • Has good breath control when going under the water and can blow bubbles under water
  • Kicks independently in the water with forward movement
  • Will jump into the water without assistance
  • Is able to turn in the water and find the wall
  • Is comfortable back float independently for at least 10 seconds
Your child is a Level 4 if he/she:

  • Swims a short distance with his/her face in the water in horizontal body position and proper up and down kicks
  • Is able to swim from the wall to a stationary object without assistance
  • Is comfortable using a kickboard to swim with his/her face in the water
  • Recovers from falling/jumping in to the water in many different ways and comfortably swims back to the wall
  • Back floats comfortably and is able to turn from a swimming position to a floating position to get air, with assistance
  • Blows bubbles while swimming and working towards understanding when air is needed