Upper Levels and Adults – Client Announcement

Happy New Year Watermelon Swim Families,

Over the past two years, we have seen demand for our lessons increase dramatically. To reduce the length of our waitlists and increase class availability, we are looking closely at our pools to ensure we are optimizing pool space and teaching time. Our goal is to continue to provide extraordinary results and exceptional lesson quality.

As part of these efforts, Watermelon Swim is excited to restructure our upper level program to better serve the needs of our most accomplished swimmers! Beginning in February, we will move all upper level classes (levels 7, 8, and 9) to a dedicated instruction time. During this time frame, only upper levels will be taught in our pools. This will increase the amount of pool space allotted to these levels to allow them to swim more distance per class and build endurance. A dedicated swim time will also minimize distraction for students, teachers, and management, allowing more focus on technique and developing swimmers for future competition.

If you currently have a student swimming in a level 7, 8, or 9, we will be contacting you directly to move your student to the upper level program day that works best for your family.

Additionally, we are excited to restructure our adult classes to better serve the needs of our adult swimmers! We are moving our adult classes to a designated time which will allow space for adult students of all levels to learn without the distraction of younger swimmers.

If you are currently swimming in an adult class, we will be contacting you directly to move your swim time and day.

We understand these are big changes for some of our students. We appreciate the dedication and trust you have put in Watermelon Swim and value the opportunity you have given us to work with your swimmers. We are super proud of their success and look forward to this next chapter!

Thank you for swimming with us!

Micha Seal, CEO