State of the Art Facilities

The summer is almost over and children will be going back to school. Many people consider swim lessons to be a summer-only activity, however, our state-of-the-art facilities feature heated air and water allowing your child to continue to learn to swim year-round! Here are some of the top benefits of continuous year-round swimming.

  1. Consistency – When your child first starts swim lessons it takes them time to get comfortable with their instructor and being in the water. We want to keep building on that trust and confidence. Taking a break from swim lessons is the same as summer break at school, there is a setback in learning as well as forgetting some of the skills you already learned.
  2. Cognitive Abilities – Studies show children who participate in swim lessons early in life tend to do better in school and have improved problem-solving abilities and higher IQs. When compared to non-swimmers, some of the benefits of swim lessons are:
      • better balance, movement, and grasping techniques
      • more advanced cognitive and physical development
      • increased overall efficiency in the brain process
  3. Learning Swim Survival Skills – Water does not discriminate against any age, person, or season. If you or a family member have a pool or body of water near, then water is a hazard that is always present. The Florida Department of Children and Families report shows in 2021 98 children in Florida alone died due to drowning with 66% being children 4 and under. One of the top causes is children getting out of the house/yard undetected.
  4. Grow Confidence – Studies show that regular weekly swim lessons help children’s confidence grow by encouraging them to overcome fears, hit their milestones, and see that they can do it!
  5. Schedule Options – Once Spring and Summer hit spots fill up quickly for enrollment. If you swim all year round there are more options for you to find a time that works best for your family.
  6. Fun While Learning Life Saving Skills – We focus on teaching through fun and there is no other sport that allows children to have fun while they are mastering skills that can save their life. This allows them to participate in a physical activity that they will have lots of fun while learning!

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