Ringing in the New Year!

Ringing in the New Year can also mean your little ones ringing the bell after they complete a level here at Watermelon Swim! Even though temperatures are dropping outside, our state-of-the-art indoor pool remains chill free! 

As we start the new year, we want to remind and inform parents of some of our events coming up and some helpful tips to have the best melontastic experience at Watermelon Swim! 

Make sure to read the updated policy and procedure for 2023 before checking in for your class. You can review them by logging into your Watermelon Swim account online or through our Watermelon Swim app, downloadable from the app/ play store.  

Accepting the policy and procedures will make checking into class a breeze. Remember to visit the front desk and check into class with the iPads. To check-in, put in your phone number that is associated with your Watermelon Swim account. Scroll down, hit check-in, and then click done. 

How do I access my Watermelon Swim account? Visit watermelonswim.com, click current client, select your swim location, and log in with the email on your account. With your client portal, you have access to all things Watermelon! Through your client portal, you can access your billing, child’s progress, attendance, and make-up tokens, view your QR code, and view or change classes. 


As January ends, we have events coming around the corner for you and your children to enjoy! 

February Valentine’s Card  

Share the love! We invite our swimmers to bring a Valentine’s card for their favorite Team Melon member! All of our team will have their decorated boxes located in the lobby for your children to place their cards inside. It is an excellent way to show your seedlings’ instructor some love! 

March Magnet Week 

In March, we do our March Magnet Week! At the front desk, you can grab a magnet and place it on your car. The following week, the managers will select a car randomly from our parking lot with a magnet on it. The owner of the vehicle will receive a $25 credit on their account just for showing their support for Watermelon Swim! 

Referral credit $25 

Speaking of a $25 credit. Do not forget! For each friend you refer to Watermelon Swim, you will receive a $25 credit on your account. They must be actively enrolled in a class to receive their credit onto their Watermelon Swim account. 

Who says you can only have a melontastic experience at Watermelon Swim? We offer a FREE water safety presentation at schools. Book an in person or virtual presentation by clicking on the link. https://watermelonswim.com/water-safety/ 


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