May Announcements

Summer is here, and that means it is time to hit the pool! But before you jump in, it is essential to remember that water safety should always be a top priority. At Watermelon Swim, safety is our mission, and that is why we are dedicating an entire week to it. From real-world scenarios to life jackets, we are committed to educating our melons and their families about how to be safe in and around the water. So, let’s dive in and learn more about water safety!

For the week of May 15th to May 21st, please bring your child in extra layers of clothing. During class, we will be showing our swimmers the feeling of falling in the pool with the extra weight of normal clothing. For this week only, we ask that our little melons come to class without shoes on and no goggles as well. Stop by the front desk this week to grab a Water Safety Activity Book and a Water Watcher badge to use during the next time your family is around the water.

We strongly encourage our families to take just a few minutes to talk to their children about water safety, not just this week, but all year long.
  • Never ever swim alone – Even the most skilled swimmer should never swim alone! Children should always ask for permission from an adult before jumping in the water.
  • Look before you jump or dive – Occasionally, there will be objects in the water that could pose a risk. Practice looking before jumping in the water to avoid objects like sticks, rocks, or even another person!
  • Help but do not jump in – If your child see’s someone that is struggling in the water and needs help, they should know the dangers of jumping in to help. Show your child objects around that may be tossed to a struggling swimmer, such as pool noodles and safety rings.
  • Wear a life jacket – Life jackets should not be a substitute for supervision and should always be put on by an adult. When worn, a life vest should feel like a nice big hug!
  • Obey all safety rules – We have rules in the pool, just like we have rules at home and at school. Be sure to talk to your children about how to locate pool rules, understand them, and follow them.
Beyond swim lessons, parents and caregivers should take all levels to ensure that your house is prepared for the curiosity of children.
  • Install a safety fence around water.
  • Install locks on doors leading to the outside.
  • Install an alarm on doors leading to and around water.
  • Remove easy-to-move patio furniture to prevent curious children from climbing over.

There are an estimated 236,000 annual drowning deaths worldwide.

Additional drowning prevention tips –
  • Always watch children in and around water – To reduce the risk, a Water Watcher should always be assigned. As the designated Water Watcher, you are the person responsible to regularly scan the pool to protect others from drowning. When on Water Watcher duty, you should not be distracted by your phone or other people, and you should not leave the area until another water watcher has taken the responsibility.
  • Keep a phone around for emergency use ONLY … Drowning can happen in the little time it takes to send a text message or post on social media.
  • Learn CPR – Knowing CPR can be a lifesaver in an any emergency, so we want to make sure everyone is prepared. Check out this FREE CPR class here. This easy-to-follow course will teach basic life-saving skills of CPR presented by the American AED CPR Association.
  • Enroll child into swim lessons – Did you know that participating in formal swimming lessons reduces the risk of drowning in children ages 1-4 by 88%?