June Announcements

This month, we have an exciting lineup announcements to share with you. So let’s jump right in!

Focus of the Month

For the month of June, we have been focusing on kicking! Kicking is a fundamental aspect of swimming that improves strength, coordination, and speed in the water. During our focus on kicking, our instructors introduce a variety of techniques to become confident students’ kicking abilities. From kicking with kickboards to underwater dolphin kick exercises, we provide a comprehensive curriculum that caters to swimmers of all skill levels. 

FREE Water Babies Class

Are you an expecting mother, or know someone that is? We are always offering a FREE Water Babies class. Introduce your infants (0 to 6 months) to the benefits of water exploration and basic water skills in a fun and nurturing environment. This class allows for the wonderful opportunity to bond with your little swimmer while building their comfort and confidence in the water. Did you know? The your baby graduates from the Water Babies class, you will receive a $25 credit on your account to use towards your Parent Tot 1 class. Don’t miss out on this melontastic opportunity!

stay connected with our app

If you have not already, don’t forget to download the Watermelon Swim App in your App Store. The Watermelon Swim App keeps you informed and connected with our swim school community. Be the first to know about news and announcements, request class changes, update your family information and never miss out on exciting progress that you child is making! You’ll receive real-time progress checks on your skill tree, allowing you to celebrate their successes and track their development in the water. Ensure that you are always in the loop with our app.

Wishing you a splashing summer filled with progress, fun, and unforgettable moments in the water!