July Announcements

Hi, Watermelon Swim families! We hope you’re enjoying your sun-soaked summer days and making unforgettable memories in the water. As we dive into the month of July, we are thrilled to bring you our latest blog post filled with updates, helpful tips, and fun-filled opportunities. Whether you’re a seasoned swim family or new to the Watermelon Swim community, we’re here to make this summer the most memorable and rewarding one yet.

July Focus: Class Safety 

For the month of July, we are excited to announce our focus on class safety! All month long, we will be bringing attention to the importance of practicing safety measures both in and out of the water. While swim skills and techniques are crucial, we believe that safety skills often go overlooked.

One aspect of class safety that we want to emphasize, is the value of active listening, waiting turns, and asking for permission to enter. These seemingly small actions play a significant role in maintaining a safe environment. By actively listening to instructions from their instructors, children can better understand and follow safety guidelines. Additionally, patiently waiting for their turn not only cultivates good manners but also ensures a structured and secure class atmosphere. Throughout this month, our dedicated instructors will also be focusing more on safety skills in their lessons, from get-the-walls, back floating and treading water. By continually reinforcing these safety skills, we empower our students to become responsible and confident swimmers.

We encourage parents and guardians to discuss these concepts with their children and practice these skills outside of class. Reinforcing the importance of safety at home helps to solidify these principles and promote a lifetime of water safety awareness. 

Dive into Fun with our Entry Level Classes 

At Watermelon Swim, we believe that every child deserves the opportunity to explore the wonderful world of swimming. That’s why we alway encourage our entry-level classes, which include Water Babies, Parent Tot 1-2, and 7 & Up classes! Whether your little one is just a few months old or already 7 years and older, we have the perfect class to suit their needs and help them embark on their aquatic journey.

Water Babies — 0 to 6 months 

Our FREE Water Babies classes are all about creating unforgettable memories and forming a strong bond between parent and infant. Designed for infants aged 0-6 months, these classes provide a fun and relaxed introduction to the water. Our non-submersion approach ensures a comfortable experience for both you and your baby. Join us as we introduce your little one to the wonders of water, boosting their overall development—physically, intellectually, and emotionally. After all, it’s never too early to start building the foundation for a lifelong love of swimming!

Parent Tot 1-2 — 6 months to 2 years

Our Parent Tot classes are specially designed to create a comfortable and dynamic atmosphere that fosters your child’s introduction to the water. For children aged 6 months to 2 years, these classes focus on teaching swimming, safety, and survival skills in two progressive levels.

Parent Tot 1 concentrates on helping your child gain comfort with submersion and learn the fundamentals of balance, buoyancy, and breath control. In Parent Tot 2, we take these skills a step further, encouraging independence and boosting your child’s confidence in the water. With our innovative and creative teaching methods, learning will be a joyful experience for both you and your child. Each 30-minute group class is led by our expert instructors, with a ratio of 6 parent/child pairs to each instructor, ensuring personalized attention and progress.

7 & Up — Beginner Skills and Water Safety for Children 7 Years and Older 

Is your child 7 years or older and ready to take the plunge into learning swim skills? Our 7 & Up class is the perfect fit for them! This class is designed specifically for beginners, emphasizing water safety and survival techniques. Our dedicated instructors will foster a genuine love for swimming while teaching essential skills that will keep your child safer around water all year long. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enroll your child in one of our entry-level classes. From Water Babies to Parent Tot 1-2 and 7 & Up, we have the perfect class for your little melon. 

July 11th is National Swimming Pool Day! 

Step into our pools, where pure bliss awaits! We maintain a comfortable temperature between 89-91 degrees throughout the year, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable swimming environment no matter the season. Dive into crystal-clear waters that are meticulously cared for with our advanced double filtration system. Combining the power of sand and UV, this system has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria in the pool water. With Watermelon Swim School, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s safety and well-being are our top priorities.

Have you tried our mobile app? 

At Watermelon Swim, we’re committed to providing exceptional experiences for our valued swim families. Our mobile app brings convenience, accessibility, and flexibility right to your fingertips. From tracking your child’s progress and managing billing to handling attendance and class changes, our app streamlines your swim school experience.

With our mobile app, you’ll have all the progress information you need at your fingertips. Keep track of your child’s progress through easy-to-navigate progress reports. You can monitor their growth and celebrate their achievements every step of the way. Our mobile app allows you to conveniently view your billing, effortlessly manage your child’s attendance and make-up tokens. Moreover, the Watermelon Swim app allows you to view the available class options and make changes if needed. With just a few taps, you can explore the available time slots and find a class that best fits your schedule and your child’s needs.

Did you know? Our app also saves you time by simplifying your check-in process with our built-in QR code feature. Simply scan the provided QR code at our swim school entrance, and your child’s attendance will be recorded automatically. This convenient check-in process eliminates the need for manual sign-ins and ensures a smooth and efficient start to each lesson! Download the Watermelon Swim Mobile App today and enjoy the ease and convenience it offers. Stay connected, stay informed, and ensure your child’s swimming journey is as seamless as possible. 

We are always hiring!

As our business continues to grow, we are always on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join our team! Our diverse staff includes part-time students, parents of young children, individuals looking for a career change, and even enthusiastic grandparents who adore working with children. We foster a welcoming and enjoyable environment where flip-flops, singing, laughter, and occasional TikTok videos are encouraged. If you bring passion, energy, and a positive attitude, we invite you to apply to become a part of Team Melon!

Benefits you can enjoy as a member of our team:

  • Competitive pay ranging from $15-$18.50/hour
  • Consistent and convenient schedules
  • Previous swim experience is helpful but not required
  • Continuous training to enhance your skills
  • Additional income opportunities through extra shifts
  • Paid time off (PTO)
  • Employee discounts
  • Complimentary swim lessons for you and your family
  • Exciting team bonding activities like boat days, bowling, and scalloping
  • Snacks provided to keep you fueled during your shift
  • Opportunities for career advancement
  • The rewarding experience of making a positive impact in our community

To be considered for a position, we have the following requirements:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Genuine passion for working with children
  • Atleast 16 years old
  • Availability for at least two weekday evenings and one weekend day shift
  • Ability to participate in pool activities for up to 5 hours