Is my Baby too Young to Swim?

As long as your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen off, NO!

Watermelon Swim offers a FREE Water Babies class for infants 0-5 months old.

Our Water Babies class offers a fun and relaxed environment in which you and your baby can explore the water. This non-submersion class focuses on the bond between parent and child while furthering the development of the whole child, both physically and mentally.

How will early, year-round swim lessons benefit my baby?

• Starting swim lessons early allows infants to develop better balance, movement, and grasping techniques
• Children who participate in swim lessons from infancy grow to be much stronger and more coordinated than their non-swimming counterparts
• Children who engage in early, year-round swim lessons do better academically
• Early swim lessons enhance strength and coordination
• Early, year-round swim lessons allow children to develop greater self-discipline, problem-solving skills, independence, and a desire to succeed
• Children who swim from infancy grow to be much more comfortable in social situations

Giving your children these gifts for life has never been easier!

The Water Babies tuition is free of charge, so all you will need to pay is a registration fee. Enroll NOW on our website!