Client Review

We love hearing from our parents and wanted to share this email we received. 

I take my son swimming on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Lutz. I wanted to write about Miss Alyssa and say what a great swim instructor she is. She is so patient with Charlie (and all the kids) that it really blows my mind. I have just one 4-year old that is quite “high energy” and I am sure that managing 3 or 4 of them while ALSO teaching them to swim is quite a phenomenal feat. Charlie has not only BLOWN my mind in his swimming progress but has developed a love of swimming thanks to Miss Alyssa and all of your staff there.

The teachers that he had prior to leveling up to his current level were all amazing too so I don’t want to leave them out either although I admit, I can’t remember all of their names. I’m originally from Hawaii, another place where swimming is absolutely essential for all water activities but also staying alive. My niece almost died a few years ago and had to be resuscitated when I stranger at a hotel pool found her at the bottom of a water slide, so it is not lost on me what an essential skill this is for children to have. I am beyond grateful for the team you have nurtured at Watermelon swim school. I wanted to give Miss Alyssa a cash tip as a thank you for her incredible kindness and patience but was told sending an email would be the preferred route of showing my gratitude.

I am so grateful to have found your swim school. I post videos of Charlie swimming on my Instagram and my friends in Hawaii whose kids grow up going to the beach every day are not nearly at the swimming level that he is at. I can’t believe he can nearly do a flip turn, can backstroke, freestyle, and is learning breast stroke at barely 4 years old! I didn’t learn all of those strokes until junior high or high school! I cannot say enough good things about your school and your staff.

~ Chelsea