5 Things You’ll Love About Watermelon Swim

We’re made from and surrounded by water. It’s ever-present, and while exciting, it commands our respect and understanding.

That’s why, at Watermelon Swim, we’ve made it our mission to grow a community of safer swimmers, reduce risks, and increase confidence in and around water.

Our year-round swim lessons are enjoyable, empowering, and essential in maintaining and improving water skills.

We love bringing our core values (faMily first, intEgrity, ceLebration, passiOn, and extraordiNary results) to life, helping our students build confidence and improve their skills to become safer swimmers. We’re confident you’ll love our swim classes, too.

Extensively Trained, Child-Friendly Team

At Watermelon Swim, we do everything with integrity, starting with our hiring process.

That’s why training Team Melon is a top priority. Potential team members undergo a three-step interview process and background check.

Once hired, we require our instructors to complete over 100 in- and out-of-water training hours.

Our team is certified in CPR, First Aid, Water Safety Instructor, and Lifeguarding.

Team Melon participates in continuous education to stay up-to-date on the latest teaching trends and techniques. We require each team member to attend at least three training workshops annually.

We hold our team to a high standard and pour into them so they can pour out to you and give you the care and instruction you and your students deserve!

Classes for Everyone

We teach swimming, safety, and survival classes to babies and adults in the Tampa Bay area, including classes for children and adults with various physical and mental disabilities.

We believe so strongly in families investing time in water safety from an early age that we’ve made our Water Babies classes completely free. All you pay for is the membership fee!

Additionally, people of all ages and swimming backgrounds are welcome to improve their skills with our swim lessons, which range from learning the basics to improving stroke technique.

Explore our swim classes to find the right one for your needs and experience extraordinary results for yourself!

Community Outreach

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?'”

We’ve been part of the Tampa Bay community for more than 40 years, and one way we show our pride, passion, and appreciation is by giving back to those in need.

Throughout the year, we make it a point to host or participate in community outreach efforts like our Giving Tree during the holiday season, our Thanksgiving food drive, or participating in philanthropic community events.

We have a lot to be grateful for; giving back is one way to turn our gratitude into something greater for our community.

“…Thank YOU for being such an INCREDIBLE partner to the greater Tampa community. From creating and delivering FREE water safety programs to 10k + children a year to providing FREE water babies lessons to newborns and infants to offering meaningful scholarships to those in need, you live and breathe your aspirational mission every single day. Pumpkin Patches and Giving Trees – you set the example, role modeling social responsibility. Thank you for everything that you do!! And for teaching those precious babies how to swim!! You are truly one in a MELON!!!!!” – Michelle Delker.

State-of-the-Art Indoor Facilities

The combination of our swim classes, which teach infants and adults to become safer swimmers, and our state-of-the-art facilities make your experience at Watermelon Swim one in a melon!

Children learn best in comfortable environments and we’ve made Watermelon Swim schools bright, warm, and inviting.

Since we encourage year-round swimming lessons, we keep our indoor pools and the environment around them heated to 89 – 91 degrees.

Our pools are chlorinated and fortified with a dual filtration system that uses sand and UV technology. This system eliminates 99.99% of bacteria from our pool water, guaranteeing a pristine swimming environment every time.

Our commitment to cleanliness doesn’t stop there.

Our facilities are cleaned by a professional cleaning company each night, and our dedicated team members carry out vigilant spot cleaning each day.

Parents and caregivers can enjoy watching their little ones from our lobby areas featuring two-way observation glass.

After a successful swim class, families can head to our retail area snack bar for a treat and reward, which adds a layer of celebration to the lesson experience at Watermelon Swim!

40+ Year Proven Water Safety Lessons

Watermelon Swim is local, family-owned, and operated, grown here in Tampa Bay. Our owner, Micha Seal, started teaching in her family’s home pool over 40 years ago. Eight years later, she opened locations in the Montessori Academy of Tampa Bay and later in Lutz at Heritage Harbor.

Watermelon Swim opened our first dedicated, year-round location in Lutz in 2005 and grew to four indoor, year-round facilities by 2108. Watermelon Swim continues to grow, building three new facilities in the next two years.

Nearly 50 years later, we maintain our family-first commitment, and our mission of growing a community of safer swimmers and reducing the risks while improving confidence in and around the water continues to be the driving force behind Watermelon Swim.

Join Team Melon and enroll today!